What is IPV?

‎‎An intimate partner is someone you are close to or have a relationship with. It can include dating partners (in-person or online), someone you live with, hook up with, or are married to.

Intimate partner violence (IPV) refers to when an intimate partner uses abusive, controlling, or coercive behaviours that harm the other person and make the relationship unhealthy. IPV is never okay, and it is never the fault of the person experiencing it. All intimacy should be built on respect, fairness, and caring for each other’s well-being.‎
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IPV Takes Many Forms and May Not be Easy to Recognise:


Physical abuse can involve actions like hitting, throwing objects, making threats, damaging property, or even controlling access to hormones or medication.

Psychological / Emotional

Emotional abuse can involve telling you to “act straight,” shaming you about being LGBTIQA+, misgendering you, gaslighting (making you doubt your own reality), humiliating you in front of others, blaming you for the abuse, and threats of self-harm or suicide.


Financial abuse can involve controlling your access to money, stealing your money, preventing you from working or studying, or getting you into debt.


Sexual abuse can involve forcing you into unwanted sexual activities or behaviours without your consent.


Social abuse can involve “outing” you, disclosing your HIV status without your permission, or isolating you from friends, family, or the broader community.


Verbal abuse can involve name-calling, constant criticism, insults, or using demeaning language to hurt and control you.


Spiritual abuse can involve ridiculing your beliefs, demanding you adopt their beliefs, or using their beliefs to justify their abusive behaviour.


Technological abuse can involve monitoring your phone and internet activities, limiting your access to technology, posting false information about you online, or using social media to threaten or control you.


Stalking abuse can involve includes monitoring your movements or forcing you into a relationship commitment.

Are You in a Healthy Relationship?

Are You in a Healthy

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